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Why Augmented Reality Will Be the Next Revolution in Retail

The Pokémon Go craze may have faded, but it provides clues for retailers using technology to engage consumers. In the summer of 2016, pedestrians on New York’s Fifth Avenue encountered crowds of (mostly young) people, hastily running into Central Park,... Continue Reading →


How to combat Negative reviews on Social Media

In today’s world, companies are not immune to bad reviews that emerge from time to time, whether warranted or not. A review can be beneficial or detrimental to the business. A favourable review can pull up the business to the... Continue Reading →

The business of Exhibition

For the last one decade, I must have visited numerous exhibitions of different stature across India – Jewellery, Home Décor, Engineering, Oil and Gas, Lifestyle Spaces, Retail, Architectural and many more. Few are accommodated in more than 30,000sqm and some... Continue Reading →

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