In today’s world, companies are not immune to bad reviews that emerge from time to time, whether warranted or not. A review can be beneficial or detrimental to the business. A favourable review can pull up the business to the next pedestal, but a poor review does more damage to the company’s reputation. Even though a poor review helps the company to learn and address issues to create a better product or services, the company must know how to combat negative reviews online effectively. Below are the tactics to deal with such reviews:

Respond timely and extend solution

Reviews are important to run a successful business. Sometimes, a negative feedback leaves aside the long lasting impact on the outcome of a solution. Don’t let the negative comments stay visible unattended. It leaves a bad impression with the potential customers and you may also lose the confidence of your existing customers, too. Also, a bad or negative review impact your SEO efforts, tremendously. A quick response with empathy helps to mitigate the problem to a great extent. The response must have a solution to the problem stated. Such act shows that the company is willing to help and is committed to providing exceptional service and uplift consumer experience. A small gift, discount coupons or refund is minuscule in relation to the spending towards managing a negative traffic online if unattended or ignored.

Dilute negative reviews with positive review or quality content

Every bad review the company gets, it defines the current state of affairs of the company. Realistically, it helps the company to learn and improve upon its services or products in the long run. Though it is beneficial for the company, such bad reviews need to be addressed immediately, especially online. Dilute negative reviews by linking positive reviews from other online sites/business websites. A standard ratio of 10:1 i.e. 10 positives against 1 negative is still acceptable. Always strive to outnumber negative comments at any given point of time.

Encourage positive reviews

In India, most of the companies, which are Social Media active, they are accustomed to asking their customers about leaving a positive review online. Such reviews not only build brand’s reputation but also help in driving quality traffic to your site. Make sure, you always ask for positive reviews at all the customer touch points in the offline world.

Request for an update on a negative review, if the issue is resolved.

If an unhappy customer has been satisfied, a request to update his/her comment will not do any harm. A polite request to update on the negative comment or a new review whenever the case at hand is resolved. Happy customers are always the biggest advocate of your brand. Take care of them sympathetically.

Author: Prosenjit Ghosh, Co-founder and CEO, Resplendent Global, Mumbai
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